Radon For Testing For The Home, Why It Is Important?

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Radon For Testing For The Home

Atlanta Home Inspectors – It is advisable for all home buyers and sellers to include radon testing in their standard home inspection. This could be an add-on service. The existence of radon gas has been found in many houses, regardless of their location. This means that you cannot presume that there is no need for a radon test if radon gas is not rampant in your area.

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Radon is not visible, but its presence is apparent. Even though not all inspectors will readily offer radon testing as part of the general home inspection process, a buyer or seller should at least inquire if this is something they provide. Now you might think, why should I pay extra for a radon test when my home inspection is conclusive enough?

Radon gas and long-term exposure to it is the second main cause of lung cancer in the US. As a matter
of fact, its threat is even greater for smokers.

Radon is not only invisible but also odorless. It is a radioactive gas that comes from radium found in the ground or soil. Radon infiltrates a house through small openings, such as cracks in the foundation. Some of the gas can also enter a house through its drains. It can slowly creep in, little by little. Before you know it, it has grown into a major problem.

Performing a Radon Test

It’s a common misconception that only older homes need radon testing. Radon gas can build up in any type of house, even if it is new. A test to confirm the presence of radon is done by a licensed specialist.

There is a radon testing monitor that is used to confirm and measure radon levels in a home. This is typically placed in the basement of a house and is left for 48 hours or more, depending on the size of the house. After this period, the specialist will collect the results and send a copy to you. They will also inform you if further action is needed.

Ideally, if your result is at 4pCi/L or higher, you can conduct a second test for confirmation. If the second test returns even higher results, this simply means that you have to take urgent measures to address the radon gas levels in the house. Should this be the case, you can discuss the possibility of a radon mitigation system.

Certainly, radon gas is dangerous. If your house is exposed to high levels of it, you must address it right away. The last thing you need is a home that contains a threat to your long-term health.

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