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When shopping for houses, you will quickly notice how fast the expenses start to add up. Financially, home buying can be pretty overwhelming. However, you will soon find the expenses to be more intimidating if you realize that you’re buying from a money pit. Ensure that you get to spend on a quality investment by getting a home inspection done.  

how to spot pests in your homeHire a Professional Inspector

Southern Home Inspection Services states that a home inspection is not cheap, and it should, therefore, be worth every penny. Make sure you hire someone who can do the job right. You are paying for their skills so don’t scrimp on the inspector’s fees. Look them up and verify their certification. There are many home inspectors in Maryland, but you have to choose an inspection company that has insurance. This is to protect you from expenses for repairs in case damage is made during the inspection.

Know the Inspection Costs

The home inspection rates vary in different cities and states. The housing or real estate market can also affect the pricing of this service. Generally, the age and size of the house will be the determining factors in how much the inspector will bill you. A home inspection could cost between $200 to $1000. It will definitely total to the latter if additional services will be done, such as mold, termite, or asbestos inspection.

Inspection Inclusions

A general home inspection will include a checkup of the following:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Roof (shingles, chimney, leaks)
  • Ceilings, flooring
  • Plumbing systems (drains, pipe condition)
  • Electrical (wiring, sockets, outlets)
  • Structure (interior and exterior)
  • Attic and fireplace (if any)
  • Doors and windows
  • HVAC (AC and heating condition, proper ventilation)

This is a simple guide for the buyers to be aware of what will be checked on an inspection. As a buyer, you must also prepare a checklist of your own as a reference for areas that made you want to buy the house in the first place. For example, how big do you need your dining area to be? If the present design has a small space for dining, is there room to expand? This way, you will know if the house you’re buying is something you can turn into a home for your family.

Southern Home Inspection ServicesWe Continue To Help After The Inspection?

We send all of our Clients a “Home Inspection Tip Of The Month” via e-mail.  These helpful tips are designed to keep you in tune with what really needs to happen around your house on a regular basis.

We’ve sent “Tips” on everything from keeping your Clothes Dryer Vent Line cleaned out in order to prevent a fire, to removing Window Screens on windows you don’t normally open, to prevent wood rot. Call (678) 279-5796 Today or Click To Schedule Online 24/7. Visit our Website @ for more details!



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